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Legal Studies

National Paralegal College offers a variety of programs in legal studies, so you can pick the program that is the best fit for you.

Our Paralegal Certificate program is suitable for students who are looking to complete their training and enter the job market as quickly as possible, as well as for students who already have a degree in another subject.

Our Associate of Paralegal Studies degree program is a good fit for students who seek a broad-based foundation in legal studies and business, as well as for students who would like to use their paralegal training as a stepping-stone to a bachelor's degree.

Our Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies degree program provides students with a rigorous academic foundation in a broad range of subjects in legal studies, a foundation in business, economics, English, and the social sciences, as well as exposure to advanced legal topics and career-oriented skills. Upon completion of the program, students are qualified to become employed as paralegals at law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and non-profit organizations, or to proceed to graduate study.

Our Master of Science in Legal Studies program is geared to students who already have a bachelor's degree in any subject, and are interested in pursuing careers as paralegals or other law-related professionals. This program can be completed in less than half the time and for a small fraction of the cost of a Juris Doctor degree at most law schools while providing you with an edge in the job market over candidates possessing only a bachelor's degree or paralegal certificate.