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CP Exam

Established in 1976, the CP (certified paralegal) program is the nation's premiere certification procedure for paralegals. Today, over 11,000 have earned the use of this professional designation and the CP program is recognized throughout the United States as a means of identifying competent paralegals.

The Certifying Board for Paralegals is responsible for the content, standards and administration of the CP Program.

Graduates of all academic programs at National Paralegal College are eligible to sit for the CP Exam.

You can learn more about the CP program in greater detail in the Certified Paralegal Program booklet.

CP Review Course

National Paralegal College offers a two-month review course to prepare students and alumni for the CP Exam. The review course is offered twice each year, starting in May and in December.

The review course is available at no additional cost to all NPC graduates and students who are enrolled in an NPC certificate or degree program and who have completed more than half of the academic credits at NPC required to complete such program. Purchase of the following books is recommended.

Certified Paralegal Review Manual

Certified Paralegal Review Manual
3rd Edition (not the 4th Edition!)

Delmar Cengage Learning
ISBN-13: 978-1418031978
2010, paperback, 1,024 pages

The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style
4th Edition

ISBN-13: 978-0205309023
1999, paperback, 105 pages

To register, please call the Student Services office at 800-371-6105, ext. 0.