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Immigration Law

3 Credits

This course is a part of:
Certificate Program
Associate's Degree Program
Bachelor's Degree Program

This course deals with the law of immigration within the United States. The course will focus on immigrants and the different categories of non-immigrants and the various laws that must be followed to visit the U.S. from abroad or gain permanent resident status. Immigration law is a form-based area of law. As such, we will review and discuss the various forms that are used in the immigration process. Students will gain a better understanding of the vocabulary often used in immigration cases, and learn how to prepare various types of immigration forms, and develop an understanding of how to deal with the immigration client.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the common vocabulary terms as related to immigration law.
  • Explain the various non-immigrant visa categories and requirements (Visa Alphabet)
  • Complete a Family Based Petition
  • Complete a Worker Based Petition
  • Explain how an individual gains lawful entry into the United States
  • Explain deportation and removal requirements
  • Explain the worker preference categories for certain visas
  • Explain asylum and the requirements for the same
  • Explain the appeal process for denied applications and petitions
  • Explain the naturalization process and its requirements