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Training and Development

3 Credits

This course is a part of:
Associate's Degree Program
Bachelor's Degree Program


BUS-111: Human Resources Management

This course is a comprehensive discussion and analysis of organizational training programs, their goals, objectives and effects. The course starts with a discussion of organizational systems and their dynamics and then moves into strategies and practices important in training and development. The course then focuses on the process of determining the need for, developing, implementing and assessing organizational training programs. This starts with conducting a training needs analysis and continues with the design and implementation of the program, along with a system for facilitating the success of the trainees. Finally, the course looks at specific types of training programs and training programs that apply to different elements of the organizations personnel.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, the student will have acquired the ability to:

  • Describe the importance of organizational training programs and the characteristics of various types of such programs
  • Assist in the conducting of a training needs analysis to determine the goals and objectives of an organizational training program
  • Assist in the designing of a training program to comply with existing organizational needs
  • Facilitate the success of trainees and organizational training program using various methods
  • Determine methods of training that are most likely to succeed based on a given set of organizational objectives
  • Evaluate the success of organizational training programs by reviewing the data from the results of such programs
  • Describe various types of organizational training programs and identify their key components and objectives