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Laws of Evidence

3 Credits

This course is a part of:
Certificate Program
Associate's Degree Program
Bachelor's Degree Program

Recommended Prerequisites:
either one of the following:
PLG-110: Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure
PLG-108: Legal Research, Writing & Civil Litigation

This course presents the constitutional, legal, and administrative principles that regulate the activities of administrative agencies, on both the state and federal levels. Students will learn both formal and informal advocacy techniques, including the role of the paralegal in such proceedings. Substantive topics will include administrative delegation of power, rule making, agency discretionary powers, remedies, and judicial review. Procedural topics include agency operation, adjudication, hearing preparation, and administrative and judicial appeals.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Perform basic administrative law research on the Federal and state levels, including agency directories and LEXIS
  • Discuss how administrative bodies work
  • Explain the scope and limitations of agency investigations
  • Describe how administrative rule making is done
  • Provide an overview of Administrative Procedures Act
  • Explain the role of the Freedom of Information Act in agency matters