Wills Trusts & Estates

Introduction to Estate Planning Federal Wealth Transfer Taxes Execution, Validity and Components of Wills Construction of Wills
Overview to Estate Planning
Intestate Succession Rules
Protection Against Disinheritance
Qualifications on the Right to Inherit
Planning for Incapacity
Introduction to Gift, Estate & Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes
Gift Tax
Estate Tax
The Gross Estate
Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) Tax
Impact of the 2001 Act (EGTRRA)
Historical Overview of Wills
Items Not Disposed of by a Will (Nonprobate Property)
Statutory Requirements for a Valid Written Will
Other Types of Wills
Components of Wills
Contracts to Make Wills
Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence
Conditional Wills
Types of Testamentary Bequests
Ademption and Abatement
Lapse and Anti-lapse Statutes
Changes in Beneficiaries
Republications and Codicils

Estate Administration Private Trust Creation, Modification and Termination Charitable Trusts Trust Administration
Probate and Uniform Probate Code
Will Contests
Personal Representative
Management of the Estate
Creditors’ Claims
Distribution & Informal Administration
Elements and Limits on Creation and Duration of Interests
Prohibited Trust Purposes
Methods of Trust Creation
Contract Law Considerations
Trusts and the Statute of Wills—Creation of Testamentary Trusts
Types of Trusts
Power to Revoke, Modify or Terminate Trusts
Public Benefit
Charitable Purpose
Limitations on Charitable Trusts
Modification of Charitable Trusts—The Cy Pres Doctrine
Order of Beneficiaries
Payment Method
Jurisdiction over Administration
Appointment and Qualification of Trustee as Fiduciary
General Responsibilities and Authority of Trustees
Powers of the Trustee
Duties of the Trustee
Trustee’s Compensation and Right of Indemnity