Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Copyrights Part 1

What is Intellectual Property?

The Scope of Protection Offered by Intellectual Property Law

History and Sources of Intellectual Property Law

Governing Law, Courts and Agencies

Jurisdiction and Venue in Cases of Intellectual Property and Remedies Available
The Concept & History of Copyright and Sources of Law
Distinguishing Copyrights from Rights in Other Property
What Can be Copyrighted?
Initial Ownership and Section 201
What is a Trademark?
Acquiring Trademark Rights


§1052 Bars to Registration

Trade Secret Protection Overview

The Uniform Trade Secret Act & State Acts

Contractual Agreements Protecting Trade Secrets

Defenses to Trade Secret Actions

Trademarks Part 2

Loss of Trademark Rights §1064(3)

Infringement & Likelihood of Confusion

Trademark Dilution

Incontestability and Fair Use

Trademark Licensing & Assignment Agreements

The “I” Issues: The Internet & International Trademark

Part 1

Part 2

Origins & Underlying Concepts of Patent Law

Patentable Subject Matter

Utility, Novelty, Statutory Bar, & Nonobviousness

The Patent Application Process

Patent Infringement

Defenses to Patent Infringement

Remedies for Patent Infringement

Patent Licensing & Assignment Agreements

International Patent & the First-to-File System

Copyrights Part 2

Trademarks Part 1

Trade Secrets & State Laws Protecting Intellectual Property

Logistics of Ownership & Registered Copyrights

Music, Movies and Computer Software Copyrights
Exclusive Rights Granted Under Title 17, §106
Copyright Infringement & Remedies (Title 17, Chapter 5)
Licensing & Assignment Agreements
Fair Use Doctrine (Title 17, §107)